003: Sam Duckworth, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly & Recreations Musician

Sam Duckworth Recreations

Sam Duckworth is a British musician most famous for his work as Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, who now performs under the name Recreations. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’s debut album The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager was released in 2006 and made the album of the year lists in Q and NME, reaching number 26 in the charts and producing three top 40 singles. He’s a lovely man.

Sadie Drinking Text
Exhibit A/The Smoking Gun: Hasler deciding we’re going to drink all afternoon

Okay, so here’s what happened, and don’t listen to Sadie when she tries to rewrite history and blame it all on me. It was a few days before Christmas and I was off to Southend to record podcasts. The plan was to do two in one day. Sam in the afternoon, then Luke from the brilliant Asylums and Cool Things Records at 6pm. Then I could be on my way home by 7 for a cup of hot chocolate and a quick watch of Miracle on 34th Street.

As I was arriving at Fenchurch Street station to catch my train, I received a message from Sadie Nicole Hasler in which she quite clearly states “we’re basically getting pissed til 6”. So when she starts telling you that I should have ordered single G&Ts, not doubles, or that we had to drink mulled cider because it was going to waste, remember this text. The prosecution rests your honour.

Robbie looking at estuary
Me enjoying views of the estuary

So buoyed by the happy atmosphere pubs have a few days before Jesus’ birthday, drink we did. We had a lovely afternoon touring the ale houses of Essex, and walking by the sea. Come the evening, when Luke turned up in The Railway Hotel, we were absolutely battered.

The eagle-eared amongst you (do eagles have good hearing?) will notice that last week we trailed Luke’s podcast as coming up. Well it turns out we were too drunk to spot that technical problems had blighted our recording and we’d only managed to save five minutes out of an hour long chat. Oops. We’ve apologised profusely to him.

So we continued on the cider during Luke’s failed podcast. I sat alone guarding the equipment for over an hour whilst Sadie smoked cigarettes with boys because she’s fourteen. Then we recorded this horrific abomination of an interview with a man who deserves better.

If you’re looking to get an insight into how Sam creates his work, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re hoping to hear two drunken idiots rambling on unintelligibly to a sober person whilst having the occasional alcohol-fueled domestic about whether or not I’m patronising Sadie, you’ll dine like a fucking king.

Sam Duckworth on TTMM
Note that Sadie’s drink (closest to the camera) is more empty than mine

It’s not very good. We asked around two questions about Sam before we forgot what we were doing and just rambled. At one point we spent a good ten minutes getting sexually aroused by fonts (including the filthy little minx that is Lust). We get into politics and feminism too and I had to listen to it from behind the sofa. I hate us so much.

We did discuss not putting it out, but have decided to do it for two reasons. One, because we’re lazy and need all the content we can get, and two, because we need to be humiliated and learn a lesson from this. Since this, I’ve stopped drinking for a few months. The next few at least will be more sober affairs.

Sam was lovely about our unprofessionalism, and has suggested we record a follow up where we’re sober and he’s completely shitfaced. We’ll keep you posted.

Sorry. It’s Hasler’s fault.

Robbie xxx


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