013: Richard Archer, Musician, Hard-Fi

Richard Archer, Hard-Fi
Richard Archer in the Control Room of Cherry Lips
Rich in the Control Room of Cherry Lips

Richard Archer is the singer and songwriter in the Mercury Prize and BRIT Award nominated band Hard-Fi, whose debut album Stars of CCTV has sold over 1.2 million copies.

After an error and Afrobeat filled journey (more about that in the podcast) I turned up on an industrial estate near Staines to Hard-Fi’s Cherry Lips studio, where they’ve recorded their three studio albums.

Rich made me a coffee using the studio’s brand new and very fancy coffee machine, and we settled down for a lovely chat about all things creative, focusing mainly on the craft of songwriting, and the DIY recording ethos that has been with the band since they formed.

Rich went into a lot of detail about how the songs on Stars of CCTV came about, as well as what it’s like writing songs with other artists, including Rat Boy with whom he penned Revolution.

We also had a long and in depth chat about creativity in general, and techniques for breaking through writer’s block.

Rich also talked about a couple of new projects he has on the go including the brilliantly filthy SOAP. Here’s their single Golden Days:

Oh. And he also talked (very vaguely!) about the fourth Hard-Fi album. Very vaguely.

And I got to go in a Porsche. So that was nice.

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