019: Lloyd Griffith, Comedian

Lloyd Griffith

Lloyd Griffith is a British comedian who is currently touring his critically acclaimed show in:Undated, and is the co-presenter of Sky Sports’ Soccer AM.

Robbie and Lloyd
Lloyd and Robbie outside Lloyd’s luxurious flat

We recorded the podcast in his flat in London a few hours before he took his show to Soho Theatre, and also just before he went for physio on a finger injury he’d sustained playing football on Soccer AM. I brought him some red Doritos on the advice of a friend who had seen in:Undated, but just in case I was being massively stitched up and it wasn’t something he’d like, I also bought Lloyd an advent calendar (who doesn’t like advent calendars). He made a pot of tea (yes, an actual pot) and we got to work.

It’s one of the longest Thinky Thinky Make Makes because it was such an enjoyable chat. Lloyd shared stories of his first experiences of live comedy, asking advice from Lee Hurst on how to break into the industry after the first ever stand up show he went to see. He also told us about his first gig, and the first joke he ever told on stage. It was about Ian Huntley.

We chat writing, how he creates his material and where he goes to work, offers advice on breaking into comedy, and tips for how to improve and find your comic voice. Oh, and we discussed our differing experiences of colonic irrigation.

We also had a great chat about online abuse and Lloyd shared some of the messages he has received from the public, including some really niche abuse about ticket sales for his Newcastle tour date.

It was a really funny conversation and a really educational one, and I was surprised when I looked at the recorder and saw how long we’d been talking for.

If you want to see the man in action, here’s an episode of his Taxi To Training show for BBC:

If you’ve enjoyed the podcast then check out the Lloyd Griffith website which has all his tour dates on it. You can also follow him on Twitter¬†or Instagram, or you can¬†subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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