012: Dave Erasmus, Entrepreneur & YouTuber

Dave Erasmus at Corcovado

Dave Erasmus is unique. He’s a successful entrepreneur, a YouTuber and a terrific public speaker, but increasingly it’s his work experimenting with a new model of living that defines him.

I left home at 7am for the lengthy train journey to Shoreham-by-Sea, the nearest station to Dave’s Eden, Corcovado. Corco is a wonderful space, a place he’s built with his own hands, with long distance help from his devoted YouTube following. It’s tranquil, stunningly beautiful, and the kind of place that instantly washes away the stresses of modern life.

After meeting Dave outside a local pub, we hopped into his battered Landrover and drove into the woods. We took a stroll, reacquainted ourselves (this is a man I met skiing ten years ago and haven’t seen since), and chatted about creativity and our philosophies on work and life.

Dave Erasmus Picks Corn
Dave picking some corn

After winding down walking amongst nature, Dave lit a fire, popped the kettle on (literally on the fire), and cooked up some corn on the cob. I hit record and we began one of the most philosophical Thinky Thinky Make Makes to date.

Dave has achieved a huge amount in his 31 years, starting and exiting three businesses, talking at TED conferences, meeting world leaders and building up a social following of people keen to learn from a man who is one of life’s doers.

We talked about how he got into business, how he built his companies, and what advice he’d give budding entrepreneurs keen to make their mark. We spoke about his public speaking and his techniques for preparing to speak in front of thousands of people at TEDx. We discussed blockchain technology, what camera he uses for his videos, and finding mentors. But throughout the chat we kept returning to Corcovado. Because here Dave is trying to build something big.

Dave Erasmus at Corcovado
Dave in a half-built Corcovado

Listening to Dave talk about his vision for Corco is incredibly motivating and the scope at which he thinks is immense. It’s two huts and a few bits of recycled infrastructure now, but his dream is Corcos around the world, communities using the latest technologies to combine nature, community and creativity. Groups that can breathe life into established communities and create new, positive, collaborative partnerships, that change the way society functions.

We fitted a huge amount into an hour an fifteen minutes, and I left feeling it’s not the last time TTMM will visit the place. Dave’s passion for creativity is addictive, and in the car back to the station we were formulating plans for a ThinkyMakeXCorco retreat.

Al Fresco Thinky Make
Al Fresco Thinky Make

If you’re not familiar with Dave’s work, subscribe to him on YouTube. His videos can’t help but make you question the deepest issues in life.

Get tickets to see a screening of Once Around The Sun, his film about the year he’s spent in the woods, and hear him chat about off-grid living.

Keep up to date with Corcovado and all things Dave Erasmus at Corcova.do, his home on the web.

Thanks for listening.

Robbie xxx


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