017: Kellie Shirley, Actress

Kellie Shirley

Kellie Shirley is a British actress probably best known for playing Carly Wicks in Eastenders. She’s had a broad career across stage, screen and radio including theatre hits like One Man, Two Guvnors, TV shows including The Office, and movies such as Wimbledon. She’s about to start filming a new Sky One series with Idris Elba. *swoon*

I’ve known Kellie for years and she’s one of the most warm, lovely people around. She’s incredibly friendly and once let my family and I stay at her house for a week while we were having building work done. She’s wonderfully compassionate and it shows in her day to day life. Once we went for lunch and she bought some chips and a drink for an old man who was a bit lost and confused while we waited for the police to come and help him. I think it’s this empathy that makes her such a fantastic actress.

Garlic Bread
Premium garlic bread

So I popped round her house this week in south east London with a bag of tapas-style foodstuffs and we had a lovely chat about acting. Kellie gave great insights into how she prepares for roles, learns lines, gets things done and works collaboratively. She also gave great advice for young people looking to break into acting.

When the conversation moved to what it’s like being a woman in the industry, Kellie referenced Sarah Solemani’s brilliant Guardian article about sexism and abuse in entertainment which is well worth a read. The more we talk about these things and make it clear these things are unacceptable, the quicker we’ll move on and provide a safer environment for people in entertainment, eager to break into a very tough profession.

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Thanks for listening.

Robbie xxx


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