011: Lee Boardman, Actor

Lee Boardman, Actor

Lee Boardman is a British actor best known for pretending to be people on Coronation Street, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Rome. And he’s Thinky Thinky Make Make guest number eleven.

I’ll be honest, we’d all had a drink. I’d been doing some work in the morning with the YouTuber Jack Dean, then we had a few hours before Hasler rocked up to record our previous podcast episode with Jack. So we went to the pub, then when Sadie Nicole arrived we recorded the show in the beer garden with a few pints.

Lee Boardman in some scaffolding
Lee, four pints in, hiding in some scaffolding to avoid talking to us

Meanwhile Lee was on a Guinness binge in Soho, so we met up and found a restaurant to chat in. If I’m honest, Sadie was the least drunk person at the table, which was a novel experience.

We ordered steak and chips, and hit record on a very enjoyable hour and twenty minutes of podcast magic.

Over a boozy dinner we discussed diverse topics including the Rocky films, monobrows, auditioning for police training videos, Rosemary West’s bad luck, and Actor Tribe, Lee’s acting school in the North West.

Over the years Lee has told me some of the best stories I’ve ever heard and so I made him retell them for posterity including going on holiday with Simon Gregson and openly masturbating during a sex scene in Rome.

It was a great chat with a great man and some great wine.

Thinky Thinky Make Make: “The least professional thing I’ve ever done.” – Lee Boardman

Thanks for listening.

Robbie x


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