008: James Redmond, Actor & Comedian

James Redmond
Robbie, James Redmond and Sadie
James and I posing for a photo while Sadie gazes lovingly at his penis

James Redmond is a British actor and comedian best known for his roles on Hollyoaks and Casualty, and who is now established as a stand-up comedian. He’s also a total fucking hunk.

It was a beautiful spring morning as we rocked up to James’ North London flat. I went coat-free, Sadie had brought hers. That kind of March day where you spend the morning wondering if you made the right outer layer choice. It’s lunchtime now and I’m pretty confident history will remember my jumper-only decision fondly.

It was the first time we’d recorded the podcast in the morning as we’re fitting in three today in an effort to improve efficiency, and I felt happy and bouncy in the sun, like a young bear coming out of winter hibernation. We saw some crocuses on the way over and that made me happy, because they’re the flowers you see when you’re properly escaping winter, right? Snowdrops are the first sign of warmth, then come the daffodils, but only when you see the crocuses do you start wondering if you need a coat.

I’ve been to James’ flat before. It’s beautifully decorated with lovely posters, art, records and moments dotted around the place. James apologised for the mess and Sadie and I looked at the floor, ashamed that our places have never been as tidy as his was at that moment.

James Redmond Interview
James explains acting in his lovely flat

James is wonderfully honest about his career. He’s aware that he was thrust into a job (well, two jobs if you count modelling) that he had no training for, and was very open with his employers about his lack of dramatic education. He’s a man who believes in self-improvement (he’s taking acting lessons now, after nearly twenty years in the business), and takes his fate into his own hands with enthusiasm and gusto.

We had a lovely chat about modelling and acting, spoke in detail about process, preparing for roles, and the difficulties of shooting scenes out of order. He showed us his working notes from a scene he has coming up in Doctors, and we had a lovely chat about his training course he’s currently going on.

We then moved on to comedy and he explained how he writes, how he got gigs in the early days, and what comics he admires. He spoke about how he learnt the trade too, by doing a comedy course with Amused Moose.

It’s a lovely chat, both entertaining and informative.

At the end Sadie and I spoke about pubs, and in case you’re wondering what magical Glencoe boozer I was on about, it’s called The Clachaig Inn.

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Thanks for listening.

Robbie x


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