006: Kerry Howard, Actor & Writer

Kerry Howard

This week’s TTMM guest is actor-writer Kerry Howard, star of Him & Her, Young Hyacinth, Witless, & force of nature.

Robbie and Sadie on a bus
It was a long and hard journey to reach Kerry

Doris made us fucking late for a start. The wind that had been flapping about all day like an old lady that had lost her purse had turned the whole of London into complete dicks. Cast underground into packed tunnels like it was the bloody blitz but with none of the steely charm, the rats of humanity slopped their woeful lives into each other’s faces. I was very grumpy. I spent the best part of an hour with my nose in a strange man’s pit. It wasn’t even Robbie’s.

After a thwarted journey that ended with us squished moodily next to each other on a bus like emo teenagers, we arrived in leafy Wood Green. It felt like when the hobbits get to go home after a right old ‘mare. We were greeted by cheery faces and bangers and mash and suddenly the world seemed right again. Kerry was all cute and pregnant and her husband Gabe┬áhad been to the butchers. It was very domestic.

Kerry Howard and Sadie Hasler
Kerry tells stories while Sadie eats sausages

Having interviewed Kerry’s on-screen paramour from Him & Her, actor and revelator Ricky Champ the week before, Kerry started by saying that she wouldn’t be as good as him. It’s a very female thing to do; apologising before you’ve even done anything. What came next was an hour or so of her being excellent and witty and fun and clever, so IN YOUR FACE, KERRY.

Covering such topics as pregnancy, itchy tits, being a female actor in an industry still intent on giving the meat to men, writing process, growing old gracefully, make-up tutorials that leave you looking like a horse, the YouTube generation, getting free shit and slutty dancing, it is a carousel of gems from an actor whose power is gathering from years of hard work and whose face we are looking forward to seeing for years to come on the nation’s screens.

Kerry, Robbie and Sadie
Kerry is aware her tits are white in this photo and doesn’t mind

You might hear sounds of clinking and slurping. That is the wine and the gravy. Pretend it’s an erudite dinner party podcast instead of us just being unprofessional savages. Later we start rustling with Ferrero Roche which is slightly more posh but not much.

Anyway. Have a listen. Doris can’t stop you; she’s fucked off. The world is calm again for a bit. And Kerry is an unfettered delight.

Sadie x


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